About Us

Melanated Business Alliance is a multidimensional organization designed to bring about a drastic change within the underrepresented individuals, businesses, and communities within the greater Lansing area.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to change the narrative of economic strategies in BIPOC communities using education and mentorship.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see BIPOC businesses and professionals represented at all levels of the economy, from small businesses to multibillion-dollar corporations. We strive to create a stairway to success and sustainability for minority-owned businesses and the generations of business owners to come.

Core Values

M – MOTIVATE:  Motivation is often the difference between a dream chaser and a dreamer.  

We aim to MOTIVATE communities and its members in the areas of entrepreneurship, business ownership, and talent development. 

B – BETTERMENT: the act or process of improving something. Enhance Value

The BETTERMENT of black-owned businesses will undeniably will have a positive impact on the communities and economy of Greater Lansing.  

A – ACKNOWLEDGE: to recognize the rights, authority, status, or truth of.

In a world where acceptance is not guaranteed, we aim to ensure that the contributions of BIPOC businesses and professionals are ACKNOWLEDGED.


In an unforgiving economy, riddled with decades of systemic racial inequalities, an evident black-white wealth gap, and a global pandemic, left many black and brown businesses finding it hard to stay afloat or worse yet, start sailing at all.  

Founders Alane Laws-Barker, MD, MBA and MiChaela Barker sought to move the needle on an unequal economy by empowering Black and Brown Businesses lacking the adequate support and resources needed to be successful.